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Advanced Manufacturing

Program Overview

The Advanced Manufacturing pathway provides students with the necessary skills to design, build and fabricate raw material into finished products. Students will learn how to operate lathes, mills machinery, plasma cutters and laser engravers while learning about theory through laboratory instruction. Students will practice skills and demonstrate introduction machining techniques on assignments and project-based activities.

 Why Advanced Manufacturing

A vast knowledge of skills in advanced manufacturing can lead you to many different careers in places all around the globe. Welding and machinists are trades that will never become lost in the ever-changing world of technology. There will always be a need for highly-skilled and knowledgeable welders and machinists.

Career Outlook

In 2020 Advanced Manufacturing accounted for 14,324 of jobs in Colorado. By 2028, this industry will grow by 9% and make up 15% Colorado’s workforce. Average Salary is between $38,112-$55,765.

Extracurricular Clubs and Resources

Skills USA

CCCS Contact: Miki Gann, 720-858-2740

Phillip Castillo

Advanced Manufacturing Teacher