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Adams City High School

April 21, 2023 | News

Updated Prom Requirements

May 4, 2023

Updated Prom Requirements Information:

At ACHS, academics always comes first.  Focusing on graduation is a constant expectation for all students and staff.  Our effort to add conditions around tardies, absences, and class grades was intended to support this main goal for ACHS.  

I would hope that this is a shared desire from parents and students as well.  However,  I did not ensure we exhaustively communicated these expectations as much as I could have this first year.  To respond to my error, there will be an appeal opportunity for those that want to attend Prom on May, 13th. 

Effective date 05/04/2023 

  1. Must be passing all classes in the current semester


  1. Must have a current school ID. Those can be obtained in the main office and take a photo of it for backup on your phone.


  1. Must not have any unexcused absence or a tardy in any class through May 12th.  Any absence with a doctor’s note will be recognized.  Also, if there is an unexcused absence that is unforeseen, unavoidable or uncontrollable, I will consider that with a meeting with parents and the student impacted.


  1. No discipline issues through May 12th.  Seniors, keep in mind any major discipline issues could impact your privilege to walk at graduation on May 20th. 


Chris Garcia

ACHS Principal